Discover the simplicity of “how to book ger camps in Mongolia” with our informative guide. Here, we distill the process into easy-to-follow steps, from picking the perfect spot to confirming your stay, covering everything you need for a memorable experience in the heart of Mongolia’s wilderness.

Key Takeaways

  • Ger camps in Mongolia offer an authentic cultural experience, allowing visitors to stay in traditional gers or yurts and immerse themselves in the nomadic lifestyle, with options ranging from basic to luxury amenities.

  • Booking a ger camp requires research on accommodations and locations, with resources such as available, and considering peak seasons for favorable weather and festivals, while keeping in mind that off-season travel could be more economical.

  • Ger camp stays offer various activities, including horseback riding and guided nature tours, and travelers should prepare by packing appropriate clothing, sunblock, a portable battery, and personal medications while adapting to the limited facilities for an unplugged experience.

Understanding Ger Camps in Mongolia

Stepping into a Mongolian ger camp, you’re stepping into a world where time slows down, and the modern hustle fades into the background. Ger camps are accommodation facilities designed to provide visitors with a firsthand experience of traditional Mongolian living. These camps offer a unique opportunity to stay in traditional Mongolian gers, the primary form of lodging that have been an integral part of nomadic life in Mongolia, effectively immersing tourists into the rich Mongolian culture.

Traditional Mongolian Gers

A traditional Mongolian ger is a marvel of nomadic engineering. They are circular dwellings, with the following features:

  • Covered with felt insulation made from sheep’s wool

  • Outer covering of white canvas

  • Structure held up by a central column, providing stability and space within the roundhouse

  • Often heated by a wood burning stove, ensuring warmth and comfort.

Staying in these traditional gers allows visitors to immerse themselves in the nomadic lifestyle, a significant element of Mongolian cultural heritage.

Types of Ger Camps: Basic to Luxury

From the rustic to the refined, ger camps cater to a wide range of preferences. Luxury ger camps offer enhanced amenities, such as private bathrooms and hot showers, ensuring a higher level of comfort compared to basic ger camps. One of the most sought-after features in these luxury accommodations is the large central ger, providing a spacious and comfortable environment for guests.

So, whether you’re looking for an authentic, bare-bones experience or a stay that doesn’t compromise on modern comforts, there’s a ger camp for you in most camps.

Ger Camp Locations: National Parks and Remote Areas

The beauty of ger camps lies not only in their unique structure but also in their distinctive locations. From the heart of national parks to the solitude of remote areas, many camps, including ger camps, offer a variety of picturesque settings.

The Dream Gobi Ger Camp, for example, is positioned in Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, providing a simple yet genuine experience of living in a Mongolian ger. For a uniquely tranquil stay, ger camps near the White Lake, like the Khorgo Ger Camp, provide traditional accommodation in a serene setting.

Booking Process for Ger Camps

To embark on your Mongolian adventure, you need to plan carefully. This includes researching about the ger camps, connecting with the camps or travel agencies, and familiarizing yourself with the reservation and payment procedures.

Researching Ger Camps: Online Resources and Reviews

In the digital age, the first step to booking your ger camp stay is online research. Websites like provide comprehensive information on Mongolian ger camps, assisting tourists in making informed reservations. Whether you’re looking for a specific region or a popular tourist site, these resources assist you around the clock in finding and booking the ideal ger camp for your stay.

Contacting Ger Camps: Email, Phone, or Travel Agency

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, the next step is to contact the ger camps. You can reach out directly via email or phone to inquire or book a stay. Alternatively, travel agencies operating in Mongolia provide additional support and contact resources, helping you streamline the booking process.

Keep in mind that clear communication, including understanding the languages spoken, is key to planning an authentic stay in Mongolia.

Reservation and Payment Methods

Securing your reservation is the final step. Ger camps can be booked via online platforms like Agoda, displaying prices, availability, room comfort, size, and views. You can choose from a variety of room types and also organize amenities and services like airport transfers, tours, and shuttle services. Some ger camps even offer a live online reservation system, connecting directly with the camps.

Best Time to Book Ger Camps

Booking your ger camp stay at the right time can greatly enhance your experience. The ideal booking period is between June and August, aligning with the tourist peak season, characterized by warmer weather and longer daylight hours. However, off-season and last-minute bookings each have their pros and cons, and we’ll delve into those next.

Peak Season: June to September

Peak season in Mongolia, from June to September, is celebrated for the renowned Naadam Festival and favorable weather conditions suitable for outdoor activities. During this time, the country experiences a favorable climate with warm temperatures and lush green landscapes that attract a higher number of tourists. However, keep in mind that higher demand often leads to higher prices.

Off-Season: Spring and Autumn

Visiting Mongolia in the off-season, specifically during spring and autumn, can be more economical due to lower flight prices. Plus, you can enjoy a more spontaneous travel experience without the need for advance reservations.

In spring, Mongolia transitions from winter, offering greener landscapes and blossom-filled terrains, making ger camps appealing as the nighttime temperatures are warmer.

Last-Minute Bookings: Pros and Cons

Last-minute bookings can offer great flexibility and sometimes lead to discounted prices as ger camps try to fill unbooked gers. However, travelers risk finding no availability, especially during peak season, and might experience higher travel costs due to a lack of advance planning. Plus, last-minute bookings could mean limited choice in accommodation, often leaving only less desirable locations and gers.

Popular Ger Camps in Mongolia

With so many ger camps to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to stay. Here are some popular ger camps in Mongolia, each renowned for their:

  • Authentic experience

  • Comfortable accommodations

  • Exceptional service

  • Unforgettable settings

Dream Gobi Ger Camp

Positioned in the majestic Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Dream Gobi Ger Camp provides a simple yet genuine representation of living in a Mongolian ger. The accommodations feature traditional Mongolian décor with beautifully painted wood-framed beds and furniture.

In addition to enjoying traditional ger tents, guests can avail of extra facilities, including an on site restaurant, housed in a separate lodge for their convenience.

Khorgo Ger Camp

For breathtaking landscapes and traditional Mongolian hospitality, Khorgo Ger Camp is a great choice. Overlooking the scenic White Lake and the extinct Khorgo volcano, the camp provides picturesque views perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Khorgo Ger Camp offers a comfortable stay with well-equipped gers that include modern amenities such as private bathrooms, enhancing the overall experience of living in the Mongolian countryside.

Khustai Ger Camp

If serenity is what you seek, Khustai Ger Camp is your ideal destination. Located in the peaceful environment of Khustain Nuruu National Park, the camp offers simple ger accommodations that offer an authentic Mongolian experience.

Toilogt Ger Camp

Toilogt Ger Camp, positioned alongside Lake Khuvsgul, offers guests a scenic lakeside stay. The camp is situated beside the Toilogt lagoon on the western shore of Lake Khuvsgul, featuring gers set in a grassy clearing encircled by a larch forest.

Activities and Excursions at Ger Camps

Apart from the comfortable gers and breathtaking landscapes, ger camps also offer a range of activities for diverse interests, including:

  • Adventure sports

  • Cultural experiences

  • Horseback riding on the open steppes

  • Visiting local nomad families

There’s something for everyone.

Horseback Riding Adventures

One of the most popular activities at ger camps is horseback riding. It’s a unique way to explore the vast steppe landscapes and experience the nomadic lifestyle. Ger camps offer a variety of horseback riding treks, including short outings and longer excursions through diverse terrains, such as the remote regions of Western Mongolia, Northern Mongolia near Lake Khovsgol, and the Gobi Desert.

Guided Tours of National Parks and Surrounding Areas

For those who love exploring nature, guided tours are a great way to experience Mongolia’s natural beauty. Guided tours from ger camps allow visitors to explore Mongolia’s national parks and other attractions. Whether you’re a bird watcher or a mountain climber, these tours offer something for every nature enthusiast.

Immersive Nomadic Living Experiences

To truly immerse yourself in the Mongolian culture, ger camps provide opportunities to experience nomadic living firsthand. You can engage with local herders’ daily activities and understand the profound social and cultural significance of the Mongol Ger.

Such an experience is not only enriching but also fosters a deep respect for the nomadic lifestyle.

Preparing for Your Ger Camp Stay

A successful ger camp stay requires some preparation. From packing appropriately to understanding the available facilities and services, good planning can enhance your experience.

Here are the details you need to know.

Packing List for a Ger Camp Stay

Preparing your packing list for a ger camp stay needs careful consideration. Here are some essential items to include:

  • Layered clothing to accommodate wide temperature variations

  • Strong sunblock and a hat to protect against high UV levels

  • Portable battery pack and a rechargeable headlamp, as some gers may not have electrical outlets

Make sure to pack these items to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay at the ger camp.

Bring fast-drying towels, biodegradable toiletries, and any personal medications, which may be hard to find once outside major Mongolian cities.

What to Expect: Facilities and Services

The amenities and services provided at ger camps can vary greatly. Basic ger camps typically offer essential amenities such as communal bathroom facilities. While some ger camps may provide limited electricity and no internet access, they aim to provide an authentic and unplugged experience.

Tourist ger camps are designed for comfort with features like dining gers and basic sanitary facilities. It’s all part of the adventure!

Adapting to the Nomadic Lifestyle

Fully immersing in the nomadic lifestyle is a vital part of your ger camp experience. From understanding the cultural significance of gers to accepting the simplicity of life on the steppe, adapting to this lifestyle will enrich your experience.

Your stay is not just about the accommodations, but also about stepping into the shoes of Mongolian nomads and experiencing their unique way of life.


From understanding what a ger camp is to the booking process, from exploring the best time to book to preparing for your stay, we’ve covered the essentials of planning a ger camp adventure in Mongolia. With a variety of activities and excursions available, there’s no end to the experiences you can have. So, are you ready to embark on this unique adventure and immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ger camp?

A ger camp is an accommodation facility in Mongolia that offers visitors the experience of staying in traditional Mongolian gers, the primary form of lodging used in nomadic life in Mongolia.

How do I book a stay at a ger camp?

To book a stay at a ger camp, research online, contact camps directly or through travel agencies, and use different reservation and payment methods to secure your booking.

When is the best time to book a ger camp?

The best time to book a ger camp is during the peak season from June to September, although off-season and last-minute bookings also have their advantages and drawbacks.

What activities can I expect at a ger camp?

At a ger camp, you can expect a wide range of activities, including adventure sports like horseback riding and cultural experiences like visiting local nomad families.

How should I prepare for my ger camp stay?

To prepare for your ger camp stay, pack appropriate clothing and items, understand the facilities and services provided, and be ready to adapt to the nomadic lifestyle. Enjoy your experience!